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Moral Fiber


Last night, in keeping up to be “always” a true blooded Potterhead and to personally commemorate the 19th Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, I watched (alone) for the nth time HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. Towards the middle of the movie, on that part of the Twi-Wizard Tournament at the Black Lake on which Harry had hard time saving two souls, but triumphantly did it at the end without a moment’s hesitation saving both, then Dumbledore awarded him s…econd place (though he finished the task second to the last) because of Harry’s MORAL FIBER. I paused the remote and reflect. Just what is moral fiber Dumbledore is talking about? Then I realized it is the strength and ability to choose and act what you think is right in a difficult situation.


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I posted this photo a month after our family visited the province of Cebu last May 2012. Basically this is a 4-year old photo of BISAYA sold along sidewalks of Colon Street. I am not quite sure if you are going to visit Cebu today, you can still spot magazines like these. I was really attached to this magazine such that when I saw a copy, flashbacks came rushing in my mind. Through this magazine, I was able to recognize letters, differentiate the smaller and the big ones called the capital, and syllabicate (is that a word? haha). What I mean is the aeiou, ba be bi bo bu and ultimately read a word. Yes, Bisaya was the first material available at my time and place that literally hone my reading skills. Later in Grade 2 when my reading comprehension developed, I was able to scan its pages and appreciate the comics like Dyesebel, Zuma, Salto, Dino, the laugh section dubbed Gitik-gitik, and sometimes on its spread or back page, the Balak or the poems contributed by readers from Visayas and Mindanao. Bisaya were delivered every after two weeks or a month to our neighbor. We could not afford to buy one, so my mother or sisters borrowed an already read copies. My ultimate favorite then was Uray Angkay, sort of grandmother tales foretold to her grandkids, which stories variate every week, with a moral lesson. There was even a penpal section, a column on agriculture and fishery, a novel, a short story, national and local news, etc. This is my tribute to Bisaya, ang magasin nga pinalabi sa Visayas ug Mindanao. Kung makakita ka ug ing-ani nga Bisaya, ayaw nyug ismolin ha? Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

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One Quote, One Lie

One lie is enough to question all the truth


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Code 19

01 02 03

Code 19

by Alvin E. Lauran

Technically, Code 19 simply means an asset out of containment.  This happens when a genetic hybrid of highly intelligent, yet monstrous Indominus Rex escaped from its cage. I’m referring to the Jurassic World movie. In its online game version, the lost dinosaur in a cage means the dinosaur is in the creation lab undergoing evolution process. After it has been evolved, it gains more power for the gamer, an edge to earn more points and more chances of winning in the battle arena.

Above photos are the screenshot of my favorite mobile game, JURASSIC WORLD: THE GAME, now in Level 22, a level not even halfway through compared to the Level 55 of  hardcore gamers online. Just tonight, I observed the missing dinosaur in its cage. Whew! that’s legendary and true to its movie concept of the Indominus Rex on the loose. But no, it’s not really like that because as I tapped the cage, the lost dinosaur in the cage is really undergoing evolution at the Creation Lab. Like the people running the Jurassic World, we sometimes tend to panic when something or someone dear or valuable to us tries to leave, ignore or forsake us, when in fact that something or someone is still with us – in the cage.

The same goes through with our battles in life. Have you seen a person who seemed weak and incapable in normal times, suddenly grow strong and show rare ability under some very trying experience? The young butterfly wrapped in its cocoon is a helpless thing, but as it struggles to break open its prison, it gains strength and every added struggle increases its power to free itself. Let someone aid the struggling butterfly, and it will die. It must grow by testing all its powers.

When our mortal life is over, what kind of record we must leave behind? Will you be remembered as a good person whose works will inspire others? Will your name evoke respect or your memory just fade into the background and soon be forgotten?

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Discovering Ourselves

It was in my fourth year in college when my instructor Prof. Gualberto G. Montecillo introduced to me the JOHARI WINDOW, as part of the lesson in the subject, Introduction to Administration and Supervision. My young mind was so amazed with these four quadrants. Minus the blind area where you and others may not otherwise know you, this quadrant of how others know us, yet ourselves know nothing about is quite relevant. So we tend to discover more of ourselves.
There are some things in us that we don’t want them to be exposed in public. We just keep it in ourselves. It may include personal experiences and feelings that we hide and keep it in private, even to our family and closest friends. Others call that – skeleton in the closet. Fear of not being accepted and the fear of not being “in” may sometimes cause why we don’t like others to tell them how we think, and what we have done. We sometimes feel ashamed and fear of being left out if they would know the truth about our real personality. We tend to hide our emotions, cry in private, and choose to be left alone, rather than broadcast those feelings in fear of what our friends may think about us. Some people are afraid of being called as weird, nerd, geek, or being different from all the rest. People choose to cry in private to hide their deepest feelings and emotions. We wear the mask everyday, looking radiant and joyful, where in fact, we are hurt deep inside. All these are just to hide our real us, afraid that the accusing world around us will judge indifferently our feelings and emotions.
Somehow we discover more of ourselves, our strengths and the things we are capable of doing; principles and values that we care most; tough and difficult decisions to pursue – through other people. Listed here are some of fictional characters who ultimately find and discover themselves through other people. Though these are lifted from a fiction literature, yet I find these insights helpful in our quest of discovering ourselves too – in real life.
  1. American girl Allyson in the books JUST ONE DAY and JUST ONE NIGHT, both by Gayle Forman, discovered herself in the process of looking laid-back Dutch actor Wilhem, a year of self-discovery that embarks her into a journey to break herself free from a lifetime of limits in order to find her true passions and even true love.
  2. Cody discovers more of herself when she tried to uncover the mystery why her best friend Meg committed suicide, from the book I WAS HERE, also by Gayle Forman.
  3. Luke and Sophia in the book THE LONGEST RIDE by Nicholas Sparks were able to battle difficult decisions in life through Ira and Ruth Levinson.
  4. Q discovers more of himself, the value of friendship and family while in a road trip to find the missing Margo, in the book PAPER TOWNS by John Green.
All these and more, can also be relevant in our quest to discover who we are. As Luke puts it in book, THE LONGEST RIDE, “Even an accident has purpose and direction.”

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The Great Delete

We live in a google age when almost every questions can be searched and could find an answer in just one click. People tend to think in terms of mobile phones, ipods, computers, laptop, internet, chat, cyberspace. The message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has become a strange abstract for some minds. Perhaps a little story could help.


Angel Alvin nervously ran to God’s throne to give his report. “O, God, the unexpected has happened! Everything is gone.” He took a deep breath to calm himself.  Angel Alvin was heaven’s computer programmer. A wizard of the trade, he headed the staff of other angels who monitored what was happening in the entire universe. Most importantly, he was tasked to update the records of all the faults committed by man since the beginning.

“Power hits us under our very wings. All the computers have conked out. And all the files have been deleted – all, including the billion gigabytes that stored mankind’s sins. Our system wasn’t programmed to react to brownouts. We’ve never had one actually.” Angel Alvin finished off his report with a hundred and one details that summarized the loss of eons of hardwork. He stood ashamed, head and wings bent. But in a quick glance, he caught God’s sad eyes.

Then in what seemed like a tired voice, God spoke – so softly it might have been simply a thought.

“I knew it was coming. In fact, I caused it. It’s all part of the plan. It was I who pulled the plug, but just for a while – for that one moment…just when my Son breathed his last on the cross and commended His spirit.”

So saying, time paused. Everyone fell silent.  Angel Alvin felt in his heart that in the cover of heaven’s brief darkness, God has needed to cry.  And Jesus’ death had deleted mankind’s sins.


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