siri At about 7:55PM, got a quick digital conversation with Siri. I asked Siri who is the president of the Republic of the Philippines. In British male accent, he replied “Benigno Aquino 3 (yes, Siri said 3, instead of saying, the third, haha) is the president of the Philippines. Siri paused, as if waiting for my next question. Instead of another “crazy” question, I said, “Amok dayta. Siri, tell me something I don’t know.” There was another pause, then a black screen. I waited Siri to talk and speak louder. Instead of talking, a statement popped up on screen.” I guess, I really lost the signal. Maybe or maybe not. Or Siri is too intelligent to notice the “AMOK- DAYTA- SYNDROME” is sometimes an excuse to ignorance.


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