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Moral Fiber


Last night, in keeping up to be “always” a true blooded Potterhead and to personally commemorate the 19th Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, I watched (alone) for the nth time HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. Towards the middle of the movie, on that part of the Twi-Wizard Tournament at the Black Lake on which Harry had hard time saving two souls, but triumphantly did it at the end without a moment’s hesitation saving both, then Dumbledore awarded him s…econd place (though he finished the task second to the last) because of Harry’s MORAL FIBER. I paused the remote and reflect. Just what is moral fiber Dumbledore is talking about? Then I realized it is the strength and ability to choose and act what you think is right in a difficult situation.


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Making unbearable people, bearable



On March 31, 2017, I posted on Facebook regarding the character of Col. Carreon, from the primetime television series, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Just a thought: Carreon’s character in #AngProbinsyano is multi-faceted. I can easily associate his character with that of Professor Snape in Harry Potter series. Both have access to information overload with what each party’s up to. How to use these information could make or break to which side they are most loyal to. Prof. Snape was unpredictable, so do with Carreon. The only difference is that, Carreon is heavily indebted to Joaquin in terms of financial matters, while Prof. Snape was “always” keeping his secret vow to protect Harry for his love of Lily. How Carreon will play his dual role by struggling to keep his police work and integrity intact, while supporting and feeding information to Joaquin, that’s ours to behold in future episodes. But I still believe, Carreon has still redeeming qualities left.

And yes, Carreon has redeeming qualities left. Fast forward this week’s episode, April 24 – 26, following the death of Col. Carreon’s daughter, a change of character reveals his true self. Last night, Carreon agreed to help Delfin proved Cardo’s innocence. He revealed to the media that Joaquin is alive and that the Tuazons’ are involved in illegal doings while Cardo is the one who’s innocent.

That makes unbearable people, bearable.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is a 2015 Philippine action drama television series based on the 1997 Fernando Poe Jr. film of the same title, courtesy of FPJ Productions. Directed by Malu L. Sevilla, it is topbilled by Coco Martin, together with an ensemble cast consisting of Susan Roces,  Arjo Atayde,  Agot Isidro, Jaime Fabregas, and Eddie Garcia. The series is confirmed to air until January 2018 due to its high ratings, action scenes and “real life lessons” which was received well by the audience and also known to educate its viewers about Philippine laws and issues.






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Alvin E. Lauran

We are now living in the information age. People tend to think in terms of email, google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The message of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has become a strange abstract for some minds. Perhaps a little story could help.

Archangel Alvin nervously ran to God’s throne to give his report. “O, God, the unexpected has happened! Everything is gone.”

He took a deep breath to calm himself.

Archangel Alvin was heaven’s computer programmer. A wizard of the trade, he was chief of staff of angels who monitored what was happening in the entire universe. Most importantly, he was tasked to update the records of all the faults committed by men since the beginning.

“Power hits us under our very wings. All the computers have conked out. And all the files have been deleted – all, including the billion geopbytes that stored mankind’s sins. Our system wasn’t programmed to react to brownouts. We’ve never had one actually.”

Archangel Alvin finished off his report with a hundred and one details that summarized the loss of eons of hardwork. He stood ashamed, head and wings bent. But in a quick glance, he caught God’s sad eyes.

Then in what seemed like a tired voice, God spoke – so softly it might have been simply a thought.

“I knew it was coming. In fact, I caused it. It’s all part of the plan. It was I who pulled the plug, but just for a while – for that one moment…just when my Son breathed his last on the cross and commended His spirit.”

So saying, time paused. Everyone fell silent.

Archangel Alvin felt in his heart that in the cover of heaven’s brief darkness, God has needed to cry.

And Jesus’ death had deleted mankind’s sins. #




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…let the rain fall down upon her
she’s a free and gentle flower, growing wild

993404_10200618871147493_1260761980_n careful how you touch her, for she’s awaken
and sleep’s the only freedom that she knows


…but if allowed just one possession
I would pick her from the garden, to be mine



…and a silent wind still blows
that only she can hear and so she goes



.. a free and gentle flower, growing wild




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A Taste of Heaven

Can’t put down the book “Glimpsing Heaven: The Stories and Science of Life After Death” by Judy Bachrach (published 2014), while watching tonight’s episode of ABS-CBN’s “My Dear Heart”. Heart’s soul is now in wander, while her physical body is in a coma, just like Mia in Gayle Foreman’s novel, “If I Stay”. Hoping I can pull more insights from the book as I am trying to understand some near-death experiences, and see more light on this complicated topic of our life beyond boundaries.

16298423_10207402526894647_5110443788727202352_n 16298868_10207402525854621_6215276596207316222_n 16387891_10207402530414735_1693065495445030505_n 16406908_10207402525774619_2137020613123826348_n 16473524_10207402525414610_2610759502611011818_n 16473683_10207402524654591_7045835980819915188_n


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Remembering Edsa

16832076_10207561738034826_3880649116487244829_n 16939540_10207561739074852_4700660845186180396_n 16996145_10207561737874822_6177632355099001591_n 16996478_10207561738434836_3794288808898571044_n 16998173_10207561739554864_6331316380781683626_n

Just pulled my yellow history book from the shelf, and started reading few of its pages, “REMEMBERING/RETHINKING EDSA ” in keeping up the spirit of the People’s Power Revolution, 1986. I can’t help but felt nostalgic because that was the same critical days when me and my classmates feared because of the uncertainty of our graduation from high school, in lieu of so much commotion and chaos. It was all divine providence that it ended bloodless, ousting a dictator. We now enjoyed freedom, yet our so-called “democracy” is still fragile. #NeverAgain


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I had been fortunate to feel the spirit of Christmas when christmas card was still “in” during the ’90s. I received and sent cards via air mail during those times. But with the advent of new technology, particularly the introduction of electronic mails into the millenium, paperless society took place. Gone are the days when I opened a parcel, tore off the sealed card and read the greetings with personal handwriting from a long-lost sender, oceans away. Now, we can receive greetings from e-mails, text and Facebook. But nothing compares to the christmas cards sent through postal office, which I can collect, store in a shoebox, and treasure forever.

cards2 cards3 cards5 cards6 cards7 cards8card9card10

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Share A Bear This Christmas

Basty shares a bear. With every purchase of twin bears at P200, a kid will have a chance to share the other bear to a child in need. Collected bears will be donated to San Mateo East Central School SPED Center, San Mateo, Isabela. Only at SM City Cauayan Share A Bear this Christmas!


Share a bear this Christmas

Share a bear this Christmas

15056236_10206877102039354_2280809437157508531_n 15085527_10206877108159507_4900086454659800999_n 15085655_10206877115159682_5566115127590020447_n 15094951_10206877117839749_6143983556920536638_n 15095490_10206877109119531_3544467724775852561_n 15095652_10206877115439689_5860189141676055355_n 15107237_10206877105999453_7670654899157517654_n 15181345_10206877102399363_7301519651145922232_n


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Photo Booths

01 02

Who invented photo booths? Well, kodus to the modern concept of archiving memories both in digital and print format. Humans no longer toil years of hard work just to carve or etch figures like our cave ancestors did just to preserve family history and civilization. In today’s modern technology, we can store important events in just a matter of seconds. Now fronting my Nicholas Sparks’ novels is a paper frame taken from a booth in yesterday’s wedlock of my nephew, Marrion Ray Alvin Palarca with Generose Alcantara (now Palarca). With me in the photo is my niece Marriance Charisse Palarca – Ramos with her husband Elderson. They got married just last year, now blessed with a beautiful and smart daughter. How times fly so swiftly. It was not wasted though, as I watched my pamangkins grew from their childhood until now that they have families of their own. Celebrating love and life. To God be the glory!

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Lolo Ponciano

Lolo Ponciano’s story is very inspiring. Started as a janitor coupled with hardwork, nagpupursigi at naitaguyod sa pag-aaral ang 9 na anak . May abogado, doctor, accountant, civil engineer at teacher. This year the couple will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. Ang kanyang mga anak ay walang ibang mahihiling pa other than mapalawig pa ang buhay ng kanilang mga magulang at makasama pa nila ito ng matagal with their 34 grand children. Amazing and very inspiring story to reflect upon this Father’s Day. Only at ‪#‎ItsShowTime‬ Father’s Day Special.

lolo1 LOLO3
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