I posted this photo a month after our family visited the province of Cebu last May 2012. Basically this is a 4-year old photo of BISAYA sold along sidewalks of Colon Street. I am not quite sure if you are going to visit Cebu today, you can still spot magazines like these. I was really attached to this magazine such that when I saw a copy, flashbacks came rushing in my mind. Through this magazine, I was able to recognize letters, differentiate the smaller and the big ones called the capital, and syllabicate (is that a word? haha). What I mean is the aeiou, ba be bi bo bu and ultimately read a word. Yes, Bisaya was the first material available at my time and place that literally hone my reading skills. Later in Grade 2 when my reading comprehension developed, I was able to scan its pages and appreciate the comics like Dyesebel, Zuma, Salto, Dino, the laugh section dubbed Gitik-gitik, and sometimes on its spread or back page, the Balak or the poems contributed by readers from Visayas and Mindanao. Bisaya were delivered every after two weeks or a month to our neighbor. We could not afford to buy one, so my mother or sisters borrowed an already read copies. My ultimate favorite then was Uray Angkay, sort of grandmother tales foretold to her grandkids, which stories variate every week, with a moral lesson. There was even a penpal section, a column on agriculture and fishery, a novel, a short story, national and local news, etc. This is my tribute to Bisaya, ang magasin nga pinalabi sa Visayas ug Mindanao. Kung makakita ka ug ing-ani nga Bisaya, ayaw nyug ismolin ha? Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

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