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Got a chance to watch ALEGIANT today. Just as its first and second installments, Alegiant is equally packed with suspense and action. I hold my breath when Tris, Four and friends were out in the walls of dystopian “damaged” experimental faction Chicago to the “pure” vieled outside world ruled by David, whom I considered as greater evil than Janine, who invented the box, and all the Chicago factions to get fundings from The Provident in his search for “pure” genetically modified humans. Towards the end of the movie, as the credits rolled, I could only sigh and mumbled to myself, “that wasn’t how the book ended.” Later tonight, as I watched TV Patrol World, the Hollywood correspondent reported that what has been showing this week is the first part, meaning Alegiant is a three-part film in the franchise. I should have known because I have read the book, haha. Seriously, I never knew Alegiant will be a three-part film because I never read movie review before I watch the film. Doing so is really a bad spoiler. Meanwhile, it will be a bonus if the supplemental book FOUR will have its movie adaptation because it encompasses all of Four’s point of view in the Divergent series. Whatever the case, only one thing imprinted in my brain today after watching the film, that is, the importance of HOME and FAMILY in the midst of a chaotic world full of social groupings and factions, as Tris aptly put it, “That’s what families are for.” … and “Chicago is not an experiment, it is our home.


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