No “I” in a “team”

hogging the spotlight


Hogging the spotlight, bragging that without you, the whole team would be damned? We know we are special. We are tech-savvy, have a collaborative and time-flexible approach to work. We see work beyond pay checks because more than anything else, we are service-oriented. While our generation seems to be unstoppable as we get inspired by success stories, yet there are still selfish traits and bad habits in the workplace.

I live by the philosophy that there is no “I” in “team.” For every milestone achieved, we always feel indebted to thank someone, that we all score goals because someone graciously passed the ball to us. Unfortunately, there are really some people who love taking the limelight, taking sole credit for an achievement so they can stand out from the rest. Why so? Because some of them are impatient, and someone always want to get promoted fast.

We all want to get credited for our achievement, and in wanting to be on the spotlight, we end up forgetting (and sometimes, deliberately discrediting) the people who have been instrumental to our success.

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