Beyond Pottermore

my pottermore in PNG

Pottermore is over. This is the most valuable treasure I’ve got from 4 years of Pottermore experience online. Pottermore call this certificate as a reminder of my Pottermore journey. One of the Potterhead/muggle/wizarding values (some call it a virtue) I’ve learned in this game is to develop more PATIENCE. It was midnight here in the Philippines as I eagerly waited for the first Pottermore experience to show up, while the owls gathered on that mysterious tree way back August 2011. That was patience in the making.

Pottermore developers assured fellow Potterheads that Pottermore will transform into a new and a reimagined website, giving an opportunity to discover even more about J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world.

Part One of Pottermore’s story in which I have enjoyed the depiction of Harry’s story through illustrated “Moment” artwork and experienced life within Hogwarts has ended. Pottermore is now preparing for Part Two of Pottermore’s story to begin. As J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World expands, so too will Pottermore, becoming a place to imagine more and share in a world beyond the seven books.

As a memento of my Pottermore’s journey so far Pottermore has created a personalized printable certificate as a gesture of thanks of every Pottermore online gamers and participants for our dedication and for sharing the Pottermore experience. I can’t wait for more Pottermore and beyond….

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