Code 19

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Code 19

by Alvin E. Lauran

Technically, Code 19 simply means an asset out of containment.  This happens when a genetic hybrid of highly intelligent, yet monstrous Indominus Rex escaped from its cage. I’m referring to the Jurassic World movie. In its online game version, the lost dinosaur in a cage means the dinosaur is in the creation lab undergoing evolution process. After it has been evolved, it gains more power for the gamer, an edge to earn more points and more chances of winning in the battle arena.

Above photos are the screenshot of my favorite mobile game, JURASSIC WORLD: THE GAME, now in Level 22, a level not even halfway through compared to the Level 55 of  hardcore gamers online. Just tonight, I observed the missing dinosaur in its cage. Whew! that’s legendary and true to its movie concept of the Indominus Rex on the loose. But no, it’s not really like that because as I tapped the cage, the lost dinosaur in the cage is really undergoing evolution at the Creation Lab. Like the people running the Jurassic World, we sometimes tend to panic when something or someone dear or valuable to us tries to leave, ignore or forsake us, when in fact that something or someone is still with us – in the cage.

The same goes through with our battles in life. Have you seen a person who seemed weak and incapable in normal times, suddenly grow strong and show rare ability under some very trying experience? The young butterfly wrapped in its cocoon is a helpless thing, but as it struggles to break open its prison, it gains strength and every added struggle increases its power to free itself. Let someone aid the struggling butterfly, and it will die. It must grow by testing all its powers.

When our mortal life is over, what kind of record we must leave behind? Will you be remembered as a good person whose works will inspire others? Will your name evoke respect or your memory just fade into the background and soon be forgotten?

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