There are six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. Each one of them searching for meaning in their lives. But how many actually find it? + See the cross? Countless people pass underneath it everyday. But how many notice it? And for those who do, what it means to them? Ask me, I’ll tell you that’s about forgiveness and redemption. Because I know that’s how it is supposed to mean. But what is it really mean? I’m not sure any of us are able to see the whole picture, the God’s eye view, so to speak. We’re like little children sitting on the floor gazing up at the backside of the tapestry that’s being woven. To our eyes, sometimes it looks ugly, the colors are jumbled. None of that much makes sense. But one day, we’re no longer be sitting off on the floor. We will come around to the other side. And the genius of God’s handiwork will become clear. At the center of it all, we’ll see the cross. In the tapestry, we will also see the single, unique thread. The only one of its kind and color – His own life has added to the piece. The one thread, without which the whole thing which somehow be in complete. Personally. I can’t wait to see His masterpiece.

believe1 believe2


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