Paper Towns and the Night I Own the Cinema

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Last night, I experienced the weirdest out-of-home-work-stuff. You might not believe me, yet I was able to watch the 7:30 pm showing of PAPERTOWNS at North Star Mall, Ilagan City, Isabela… all by myself. Yes, it was sort of I own the moviehouse. I breathed in and out the coldness of the aircon. Got chilled, yet devoured the thrill of what’s it like to be in a commercial movie house, alone – solo – with only I, me, my, mine, and myself. The catch was, all of the moviegoers except me, had gone all to the adjacent Cinema 2 which was showing some sort of sci-fic action movie. I was just excited how the 20th Century Fox would do justice to one of my favorite young adult novels by John Green, the Paper Towns. Well, the Q in the movie who also played sidekick of “The Fault In Our Stars” did it well. The girl who played Margo, that girl who is obssessed with rAndOm cApiTaliZAtion was totally unfamiliar to me, yet she is also good. The novel or the movie speaks well of those stranger things in life – like when one feels hir/her comfort zone is not comfortable all along, that’s why some people let go of themselves from the mainstream, finding themselves into a place or situation only them could tell whether they find what they are looking for and the happiness they deserve.



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One thought on “Paper Towns and the Night I Own the Cinema

  1. This post made me want to travel to Isabela just to have a chance to watch this movie in a cinema alone. 🙂 Or I can just watch it in the comfort of my own room, I guess. Oh, and the girl who plays Margo is Cara Delevigne, actress and ex-model. She’s really cool!

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