System Restore

01My computer crashed. I felt so bad. Really bad. The screen still looked like that for about 20 minutes now. Prior to that, I installed a mod to C&C Generals Zero Hour which after installation didn’t work. I reinstalled the mod and ran the game again. Still it didn’t work. I repeated the process hoping against all hope that I could bring back my old computer game ran again. Still no progress. My last remedy was the System Restore. A static warning stated that once a restore has been established. it wont be undone. Yet, I did it. I chose and hit the June 26 sytem restore displayed. And look what happened?



Well, after half an hour, got this pop up message in the screen, hope all things will be going alright, technically


After almost an hour of system restore, the computer screen seemed in its normal state. Not exactly. As I examined the program files, I noticed some programs missing. Yet, on top of all these, just happy I did it my way.


The experience somehow taught me some real lessons in life. Just like you found a new friend thinking both of you would click, so you allow that friend come into your sytem, not knowing he or she does more harm than good. It’s too late to befriend the person. Just when you thought of removing all the dust off, you couldn’t. And you have no choice other than letting that person go. The sytem restore takes a while though. The healing process would leave a scar, but in due time all things will soon get back to normal. Makes sense to me.


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