When Fresh Water Meets Salt Water

The Molobolo Spring Molobolo, Tuburan, Cebu

The Molobolo Spring
Molobolo, Tuburan, Cebu

When you can’t define the word “tranquility”, but what comes to mind is the Molobolo Spring.

The Molobolo Spring. Here, fresh water meets salt water. The place is also shaded with big trees and so the water remains cool. The flowing spring keeps the water clean most of the time.

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The Molobolo Spring
Molobolo, Tuburan, Cebu

Molobolo is not a destination. It’s a journey with the person you love that matters. 562682_437767776261534_764039745_n

Taking a vacation need not always be expensive.

In the town of Tuburan, which is some 96 kilometers from Cebu City, the Molobolo Spring has been attracting tourists and slowly becoming a favorite hangout place for residents and visitors alike.

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The discovery of the cold spring has changed this once quiet municipality in the midwestern part of Cebu.

Tuburan’s name comes from the Visayan word “tubod,” which means spring of water. It is no wonder then that Molobolo Spring is one of the town’s natural gifts.

From the “tubod” flows cool and refreshing water,  and the air is very fresh in the area. The local government built a rectangular pool as catchment for water from the spring. This is where visitors can take a dip in the freezing water.

If it’s high tide, visitors can see the water from the cold spring flow to the sea.

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Affordable trip

Going to Molobolo Spring will not cost much, which is a big plus for families and friends who are looking for a place where they could have fun together without spending too much.

Entrance fee is only P5.00 per adult and P2.00 for children aged seven to 10 years old. Parking rates are P100 for four-wheel vehicles and P25 for motorcycles.

Visitors have two options for cottages. They may rent small ones at P150 and the big cottages cost P300.

You may bring you own food at no cost, but a store near the entrance also sells snacks and drinks.

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Souvenir items

If you can’t resist buying souvenir items when visiting places, you would surely love the export quality jewelry boxes sold at the resort.

These jewelry boxes are made of colorful seashells. These are natural seashells and not painted,” said Zenaida Sayson, the vendor, in Cebuano.

Prices of these products vary in size. Small jewelry boxes cost between P30 to P50 while the big ones are sold from P100 to P200 each.

Getting there

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Tuburan is bounded by Tabuelan in the north; Asturias in the south; Sogod, Catmon, Carmen, and Danao City in the east; and Tañon Strait in the west.

There are several routes going to Tuburan for private vehicles — via Tabuelan to northern towns and via Toledo to southern towns. Another option is to take the transcentral highway going to Balamban.

Buses in both the north and south routes bound for Tuburan are available for commuters.  Fare is P100 per person.

Other travelers meanwhile, prefer to take vans-for-hire that use the trans-central highway route for faster travel. The vans park at the Ayala Center Cebu terminal. Van fare is P130 per person.

FB Page: It’s More Fun in Molobolo Spring, Cebu


So cool and refreshing!!

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