Anguib Escapades

This was our last-minute summer ending escapades (Lakbay Aral or educational field trip is not appropriate anymore daw, hehehe) last june 4 and 5 recently, at Anguib Beach Resort located in a Cagayan Export Zone Authority (CEZA Free Port) in Sitio Anguib, Brgy San Vicente, in the town of Santa Ana, Cagayan. This is a young resort rediscovered and developed (i like the term semi-developed because of its still, yet untouched bio-diversity) some three years ago.


Located at the northern tip of the Philippines, the Anguib Beach trails along the landscaped border separating the Philippines from the Pacific waves. Anguib Beach is a stretch of a white, powdery sands lined with coconut trees and the beautiful silhoutte of the mountains complete one of the best panoramic tropical views of the Philippines.

A two-way concrete roads leading to the place is still under construction this year from the Santa Ana free port. In the past years, local residents said, this place was dubbed as an “island” (though, this not an island) because no beach lovers could go to this place before, but by boat only via Santa Ana free port. Until recently with the help of CEZA that this place has been developed.

Anguib Beach is huge, long and surprisingly calm, probably because it is located within a cove. The hills behind it were lush with greens making the landscape very peaceful.


Nice place for honeymooners, group outings and of course, soul-searching. Time stood still here, so laid back that your one -day stay seems more than 24 hours. Powered by a gen-set all throughout day and night, a group can still enjoy videoke all along. One catch here, nobody is allowed to have bonfires for eco-tourism purposes as it will damage the fine, yet powdery, crystalline, white beaches stretching a kilometric span. Oh, not to mention the slow-motion exchange of low and high tides (I like the in-between, the ebb tide, where I could float and immerse myself in saline waters).

Economically speaking, the area is far from being exploited. Local seafood dishes can be sampled at very affordable prices, provided the water current allows the local fishermen to sail for a catch.


The water was so clear during late afternoon, that the corals were showing off their beauty. You didn’t need to snorkel here anymore to see marine life. We just had to look at the natural aquarium.

Though not a well-advertised Philippine beach resort that offer water activities, yet diving and boating are good here. The waters are connected to a protected marine reserve and the area itself is used with respect by the locals.

No commercial or internet shop nearby, only a small indigeneous souvenir shop that sells Anguib shirts and shell decorative pieces.

The green hills, the lush mangroves and the trees provide a heart-warming view that encourages a peaceful atmosphere. Leave it to Anguib to speak for itself!


Anguib Beach provides its guests a simple, yet one of the greatest pleasures that a gorgeous nature inspires. It captivates the eyes and the soul. It wears an almost naked beauty so when you see it, you admire it as it is, without any man-made structures aside from the clean nipa huts that provide shield from the bright sun.

The cottages are indigenously cool, kept at low prices @P200 and the place is really clean, no trash in sight, even as you stroll along the shore. Fresh air gives every guest a constant company – oddly, no trace of “sea-smell” and the air is fresh and clean – truly captivating!

Bring your own food. Cooking on the spot is allowed and thus, feel free to have some “hot” grills, barbeque, etc. right on the shore. If you have a car, try to have a stop in Sun City (Santa Ana), famous for low-priced sea food.


And the sunset, too – superb!!! Most important in all these panoramic scenes and communing with nature is the team-building recreated, thus cementing the bond of friendship whilst as they go on their jobs, they could serve well their constituents more effectively and efficiently. Redefining friendship, the joy being with the company with the ones you are most comfortable dealing with are the finest things in life no amount of money can buy…


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